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Dr. Hutcherson's devotion to women's empowerment and education is supported by her monthly sexual health columns in Essence Magazine and Glamour Magazine...
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The next time your man cheats, you can blame it on his genes. Itís not really his fault, but that of his parents. Confused? Well, new research shows that cheating may be an inherited trait.
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Join Dr. Hilda as she participates in the ESSENCE Empowerment Seminars during this year's ESSENCE Music Festival on Friday, July 3rd.
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The Latest Q&As

Read Dr. Hilda's answers to reader's latest questions on the HPV vaccine, overcoming abuse, and more!
PLUS: Submit your own questions to Dr. Hutcherson.
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What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex

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"Finally, a book that takes the mystery, but not the romance, out of great sex."
-- Henry Lodge, M.D., author of Younger Next Year
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