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Question: I'm a 30 yr. old A.A.female who have irregular periods. My Dr. also diagnosed me with PCOS. When my husband & I was trying to get pregnant it was very difficult. so my Dr. put me on Glucophage ( think that the spelling). A month later I got pregnant. Now my daughter is 2 & we want to have another baby. but we don't want to go through the medication again. What can we do about this? Also how can I know when I'm ovulating with my irregular cycle?

Answer: Your irregular periods suggest that you may not be ovulating on a regular basis. PCOS is a common cause of problems with ovulation. There is a very good chance that you will need to use some type of medication in order to conceive a second time. I suggest that you begin to take your temperature every day and plot it on a basal body temperature chart (BBT), which you can get online. Your doctor can interpret the chart and determine when, and if, you are ovulating, as well as your most fertile time. If it shows that you are not ovulating, you should accept treatment and get busy making a baby. --Dr. Hilda

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