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Question: I don't always achieve a sexual orgasm during intercourse. Are there any recommended positions or things to do to correct this?

Answer: You are not alone. More that 70 percent of women do not achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. The best position for women is the woman-on-top position. That's because you have more control of where the penis goes. You can rock your pelvis back and forth -- rather than up and down -- assuring that your clitoris is stroked. You might also modify the man-on-top position by straightening out your legs and pulling them close together after penetration. That will force the penis to pass, and stroke, your clitoris on the way to your vagina. But the best advice I can give, is to get your orgasm first through oral or manual sex -- or get as close to it as you can through prolonged foreplay -- before intercourse. That way, everybody will be smiling at the end of the day. --Dr. Hilda

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