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Question: I am 33 years old married with no children. My husband and I plan to have children in the future. I had fibroid surgery removed from my uterus on June 30. The doctor preformed a myomectory and exploratory laparotomy. The doctors removed 26 fibroids. Are there any foods that I have to avoid so the fibroids won't come back? How can I prevent the fibroids from coming back? I don't want to have this painful surgery again. Please let me know what can I do to keep from having them.

Answer: We don't know exactly what causes fibroids or what makes them grow. In my experience, someone who has a large number of fibroids removed has a very good chance that they will come back, usually within 5 years of removal. That means that you and your husband should get busy making babies now, if at all possible. It is not wise to wait because of your age and the fibroids. If you are not pregnant after 6 months of trying every month, see a fertility specialist. In the meantime, eat a macrobiotic diet that is high in organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Avoid dairy, and all meat except that which has been raised without hormones and antibiotics. It is more expensive, but worth the cost. Some experts suggest that the chemicals and hormones fed to beef and chickens may contribute to the growth of fibroids. --Dr. Hilda

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