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Question: I have no sex drive at all. Once into the act, it is okay, but getting started is so hard. I feel bad for my husband because I always make up some excuse or wait for him to fall asleep. What can I do ... I'm just 49. He thinks I'm sexy. I think I'm fat.

Answer: I am immediately struck by your last statement: "I think Iím fat." It is very difficult to have a great sex life when you donít feel good about yourself. When you feel fat and unattractive, it is difficult to get naked, relax, and just enjoy getting it on. He thinks you are sexy, and so should you. You need to take steps to increase your confidence. I suggest that you begin to exercise every day. Exercise increases your testosterone levels, tones your body, and increases your stamina. As you become strong and toned, your desire will increase. Before you know it, you will be confident enough to slide down a pole in your birthday suit (and I do suggest that you buy one!) --Dr. Hilda

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