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Question: I have been noticing that when having an orgasm once in a while I would have tears coming up -- but they do not feel like happy tears but rather then a sort of sadness. I cannot really explain why this is happening when in reality I should be happy. This has happened at least once in different relationships. Any idea why that would be??

By the way, do you have any Audio CD or DVD of your seminars??

Answer: There are many ways to respond during orgasm. Tears are actually a common response. Most of the time women describe them as tears of joy. But occasionally, they can't be categorized. They are simply a spontaneous response to a wonderful sensation. The question is this: Do you actually feel sad, and does that feeling continue after sex? And are you feeling any guilt or shame? If the answer is yes, you should see a therapist to discuss your feelings. If the answer is no, enjoy the experience and the tears. I have a DVD entitled "A Woman’s Guide to Better Sex." It is part of the Montel Williams Living Well Series. You can purchase it at or --Dr. Hilda

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