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Question: What can I do to make my vagina taste sweet?. I am 57 and I was horrified to hear my husband say I did not taste the same. Oral sex is a big part of our love making and I do not want to turn him off. Please let me know what to take for this. Thank you.

Answer: Your husband said that your vagina did not taste the same, but did he say that it was distasteful? After menopause, your secretions may become more watery and both the scent and taste may change. But neither should become unpleasant. Check with your doctor to make sure that you do not have an infection. If all is well, lie back and enjoy. Oral sex is an essential part of an active, satisfying sex life for most women. Accept the pleasure without fear of turning your husband off. Believe me, if he doesn't like going down there, he won't. --Dr. Hilda

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