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Welcome to my website

On these pages you will find information about my books, media appearances and speaking engagements. And sometimes, this blog will simply reflect my feelings and opinions. Check back frequently for news about women’s health, relationships and sexuality. So sit back, relax and enjoy your time here with me. I welcome your opinions and suggestions about this site.

17 Responses to “Welcome to my website”

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  2. Kendra Says:

    Hi Dr. Hilda,

    Thank you for this site. I actually am a huge advocate of yours. I swear by everything you say and own both of the books you have written. Thank you for giving women so much information, insight and suggestions in regards to our sexual health and pleasure. All the best to you. Many blessings shall you receive! You’re FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Colleen Fleming Says:

    I met you several years back at the UndercoverWear conference in Boston. I absolutely adore you and have all of your books! (all loaned out at the moment…lol) I was fortunate enough to share a table with you at one of the dinners held there and invited you to our fashion show in Michigan. I loved your presentation and how easy and warm you made everyone feel! (I sound like such a groupie…lol) Anyhow keep up the great work! I’ll check back often now that the site is back up!
    xoxo Colleen

  4. Tonya Says:

    Hello Dr.Hilda,

    I just heard your interview on the radio with Michael Basden her in Charleston, SC thank you so much for all your information, I’m currently in a realtionship and would love to get married one day so your advice was very helpful and I plan on getting your books to learn more. Know knowing about your website I will check back often, keep up the great work, I plan to share this info with my family and friends!!! :)

  5. Audra Fleming Says:

    Hi Dr. Hilda I too just heard you on the Michael Baisden show here in Charleston, SC
    and your comments made me think, I have thyroid disease and I am rarely in the mood and my husband complains that “I am making him suffer and I am always tired”,
    I will try what you suggested today and try my hardest to make sure I make love to my husband at least 3 times a week. Thanks for the wake up call!

  6. LADY-MAC Says:

    I was listening to the Michael Baisden Show and heard what you were saying and i thought it was very interesting my husband called me because he was also listening the points that you were making were so-like you were talking to me that i pulled up your website and bought the book this is my first time hearing about you i look forward to reading more of your work…and let me tell you i am not the one who pick-up a book to read!!!!!!! but i cant wait to read this book

  7. Essie Jones Says:

    I am 37 years old and need help. I have 3 children and a husband. I work 40 hours a week and take care of my 2 kids while my husband works two jobs. I have been married for 10 years. I think the thrill is gone. I love my husband but I do not have a sexual desire for him like I think I should. what should I do? I have not read your book but I am ordering it now.

  8. elvis alridge Says:

    i heard you on michael baisden yesterday and i found your answers very stimulating.
    i’m married for almost 3 years, i love my baybay and i think this new book of yours could be very engaging
    yours in christ

  9. elvis alridge Says:

    also lest i forget i can’t get enough of ” what your mother never told you about sex

  10. Mona Faye Says:

    Hi Dr. Hilda,

    I just found out about you on the Michael Baisden show. I am so greatful! I’ve learned so much in just that short time. I look forward to reading your books, can’t wait to get my hands on them. You are a blessing to all women. I believe God have ordained you for such a time as this. THANK YOU FOR GOING THRU SO YOU CAN HELP OTHERS! MUCH LOVE MONA F.

  11. Xiomara Vazquez Says:

    I love your books, I just ordered Pleasures. I already have the other book. As a black latina I received a mixed messages growing up about sexuality. Your first book cleared up a lot for me. Your words have been very informing and I recommend it often. At one point the thrill was gone and I’ve been with my man for going on six years now. Your book as helped me throughout these six years. Gracias.

  12. De' Borah Says:

    I was listening to you in regards to the womens choice to abort. Well I have a story I wish to share with you.
    I was raped at 26, active in the Military at the time. Came home on leave ran into an old friend and a night mare began without my knowledge.
    Returned to post continued my duties as normal, having regular menstrual periods as normal, nothing out of the ordinary physically, mentally or anything else.
    One day I went to the infirmary for a severe headache I wasn’t one for getting headaches real bad a little work tension after a few minutes of medatation I’m fine. This headache was over my entire head,eyes,neck, forehead, even my ears started having pain around the edge of the ear canal.
    The medic asked me if I was pregnant before giving me an exray. I replyed no way.
    So an exray was done and it showed that my blood pressure was extremely high. I’m like ok. I started taking the BP medicine and my stomach kept refusing the medicine. Ok. So another exray was done to see if maybe I picked up some kind a stomach virus. The medic refered my to his superior and that’s when my nightmare began.
    The other exray showed that I was five months pregnant.???????????????????
    Just imagine the state of shock I went into. To make a long story short. I chose to give birth and raise my baby requested early release from the military and became a mother to this child. THE BEST THING THAT GOD COULD HAVE EVER GIVEN ME WAS MY SON. YOU SEE I HAD A CHOICE EVEN AT 5MONTHS. BUT I CHOSE TO KEEP MY CHILD. That’s why it’s an individual decision.

    Please feel free Dr. Hilda to email me I would love to email you a picture of my GIFT FROM GOD MY SON.

    Please feel free to share this email with others of similiar interest.

  13. Deborah Beaver Says:

    I logged on to your site after listening to your segment on the Michael Baisden Show, which aired on Oct. 9th, 2008. I’m thrilled that you have a site which is geared to our women. Thank you. My question is one that I’m sure you don’t get often.
    I’m a 59 yr. old mother of two grown sons; married a man 16 yrs my senior. We’ve been married for 17 yrs. He has suffered from E.D. for many years. He feels that his sex life is over due to his health problem and he’s sorry, but I just have to accept it..end of story. Of course, I understand his condition, empathize with his situation and love him still…but at times I feel that he’s very selfish, not to consider my feelings.
    Yes, I do have toys, but they get boring after a while. I’ve never cheated and don’t intend to start at this stage of my life. My work keeps me distracted, but sometimes
    I just need to be held…I don’t think he understands that either. We travel from time to time, but there’s no intimacy. Any suggestions?

  14. Dr Hilda Says:

    In a marriage, it is important that both people communicate their needs and work to make sure that each is satisfied. Sometimes that means compromises. But it is not reasonable for one party to completely deny the other something as basic as intimacy. Intimacy bonds couples and makes them feel closer.
    For some men, erectile dysfunction may be very difficult to face. Some feel that it means an end to their manhood. They feel embarrassed and ashamed. It becomes easier to totally reject their partners than to risk another episode of “failure” in the bedroom. There are treatments for erectile dysfunction, even in men with medical problems. The only exception is heart failure. And you don’t need a firm penis for holding, hugging and kissing. Spooning while you sleep can make both of you feel happier, healthier and may prolong your life.
    It is unfair and unacceptable for your husband to deny you intimacy. Have another talk about your needs and desires. Offer to escort him to a doctor for treatment of his erectile dysfunction. I would also suggest a few sessions with a couples therapist, your minister or other respected counselor.
    You deserve love, affection and intimacy.

  15. Monica Says:

    Dr. Hilda

    I heard you on Micheal Baisden and have question? Do automatically have Aids if you have Herpes? I have herpes and someone wants to marry me and I have not been tested since 2005 and I was negative then.

  16. Alycia Says:

    Dr. Hilda, I’m a first time blogger but after reading Deborah Beaver 10/0/08, had to write and say I’m in the same situation with different age numbers. I’m happy to see someone feeling exactly the same way I feel and being able to discuss it somewhere. I have been married for 27 years to a man who is 8 years my senior. In the beginning it was great, fantastic even, now it’s terrible, unfair, and I totally at a lost of who I can discuss what I feel too and not sound horrible. I recently joined church so that the desires would not send me in the wrong direction. My husband started on my 49th birthday, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and pride would not let him talk to his doctor about our problem of his ED. His health went further down hill and his prostate started acting up and now he’s totally without and erection. He has tried several stimulates but nothing is working. So I had him purchase a few toys and the fun of that is gone. I’m 52 and angry, unhappy and here. Help!

  17. Janice Says:

    I am going through something that is quite normal but I wasn’t told by my doctor what to expect now that I have had surgery in December 2008 I am in full blown menopause. The night sweat are wet sweats from head to toe then within minutes I an cold an clammy. I average about 2 hours of sleep a night the a few cat nap then after. I was schedule to return to work on the 10th of this month but my doctors cannot determine what is wrong an how to treat other than some more drugs that make me feel like I am tired but I cannot sleep due to the changes of temperatures in my body. The heat starts in the ear area and goes downwards. I am somewhat misrable I don’t know wha to do. I tried getting up taking a cold shower, reading, everything including just prayer and quiet time nothing seems to work I can’t continue to live with 2 hours sleep or drug in dose sleep. Someone please help me. I think it a chemical inbalance but since my diabetes is showing positive numbers the doctor simply says take the meds at a different time but then I am still sweating a river no matter what can someone suggest something that isn’t drug related. I would so appreicative of any info you can providee myself.
    Sleepless Jan in FL

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