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Enough Already!

It finally happened. Someone got my dander up enough to make me scream! Allow me to explain. A friend sent me an email with a link to a website: I went to the site and discovered a group of gynecologists that are performing surgery to alter the size, shape and appearance of normal female labia! Is nothing sacred! Are women not already bombarded with messages that tell us we aren’t thin enough, tall enough, young enough, beautiful enough? We need bigger boobs, butts, and lips, smaller feet, fewer wrinkles, brighter smiles, and now, smaller labia! Who decided that women should have labia that look the way they did the day they were born?

I have examined thousands of women, and believe me, no 2 vulvas look exactly the same. The labia come in different sizes, shapes, hues, and textures. And all are beautiful. Instead of teaching women to celebrate their bodies, some physicians are feeding on the insecurities of women that is so pervasive today, and convincing them that they are abnormal and need surgical alteration. Wake up people! The procedure is expensive, is not covered by insurance, is not recommended by the American College of Physicians and Surgeons, and may lead to severe scarring and lifelong pain.

Can you imagine telling men that their testicles and scrotums are defective? Imagine telling a man that his scrotum and testicles are abnormal: not the right size, are wrinkled, have hair on them and one hangs lower than the other. Now tell him that he needs to have a little “nip-tuck” and a good waxing to make them beautiful like they were the day he was born. How many men do you think would sign up, even if it were offered for free?

If I sound angry, it is because I am. Enough already!

11 Responses to “Enough Already!”

  1. D Says:


  2. Cissy Brady-Rogers Says:

    Amen Dr. Hilda!

    I read your interview in Newsweek today. I am thrilled to discover your voice of sanity amidst the “nip and tuck” mentality of better body image through surgery.

    Thanks for speaking up!

  3. Cindy B. Says:

    I also saw your interview in Newsweek and I agree with you so much about women’s bodies and body parts being altered, basically, to make money for surgeons. On kind of a differnet, but similar, topic - I’m a BRCA mutation carrier and am appalled at the number of women in their 20’s and 30’s who have the mutation and are having prophylactic mastectomies. If men had a mutation which would raise their risk of testicular cancer, would doctors tell them to have their testicles removed? Never!! I am involved in the BRCA community and see a growing industry of breast surgeons and plastic surgeons who scare women into having these disfiguring surgeries. And many women are never told they will lose all sensation in their breasts. What do you think of this issue?

    By the way, I went on Amazon and bought your book on pregnancy to give to my daughter.

  4. Colleen Fleming Says:

    That is just aweful! I learned SO MUCH from you when you spoke at the UndercoverWear conference several years back. Most of all I learned that different IS beautiful! I have shared with many women how we are shaped like a W and that all of our parts are important (AS GOD MADE US) and also important in stimulation! Can you just imagine how many nerve endings they’re killing by mutilating themselves??? Who exactly are they trying to impress anyway? This absolutely boggles my mind! This form of mutalation was started to make women have LESS PLEASURE during sex, or even PAIN so that women wouldn’t cheat!

  5. Miss Shelle Says:

    This is the 1s time I heard about that and all I can say is “ARE THEY SERIOUS??”. Thank you for informing us of this madness. Somethings are best left alone.

  6. Williamettia Says:

    This country that spends more money to change our natural beauty. Is there anyone who is not or has not strived to be different, but alike in so many ways.
    I have full lips (both top and bottom), a large butt,a tiny wiast, breasts(that gravity is attacking–but they are not yet down to my shoes–smile), I bite my nails,my teeth are my own, and my hair is in natural locks that grace my shoulders . Thank God I and my husband love my ASSets and my perfect-imperfections.
    We have got to stop looking to be robots and clones, hug yourself, kiss your hands, caress your cellulite,humps and bumps. Glorify in the beauty that your differences impart.

  7. Temeika Says:

    It is a shame that our society has made us to think that being full figured and voluptous, are nasty and wrong. One thing that this society and people in the fashion and medical industries need to learn is that whatever you were born with, it is there for a reason. Altering yourself to fit into the image others have for us is unatural. Your sexual organs and labia serve a purpose. Changing how they look, does infact kill all your nerve endings that brings about pleasure during sexiual intercourse. For those of you who have not heard of the term FEMALE GENTILE MUTALATION. One you look it up, you will realize that LABIA ALTERING is the same thing. Only it is done in the doctor’s office or hospital. Legal mutalation. THINK ABOUT IT.

  8. Layne Says:

    I can’t imagine doing this. I happen to like the way my vagina looks, I always have!

  9. audrey Says:

    This kind of surgery is the biggest waste of your money. Our bodies naturally change over time as we age, have children, etc. We should embrace those changes. They are a part of us living a full life and are completely natural.

  10. Cat Says:

    When will the madness stop? When will women be allowed to love and show off our bodies as they are?

  11. Elise Says:

    Hi everybody,
    I am a Turkish mother of two and live in Ankara Turkey. While I was surfing for something on bleeding I also by chance encountered a website of a private clinic (Hera Kadın SaÄŸlığı) almost “advertising” vaginal plastic surgery because women so to say “felt ashamed and wanted to feel better in their sex life” and they can “help out”. They had posted some photographs of vulvas patients had not been satisfied with (their consent was taken it said). Anyone looking at these photos (including myself) will recognize some element of their own vulva as resembling some part in those photos and start thinking whether they should maybe not be so satisified with their genitals’ appearance, a dangerous feeling when it comes to confidence in your body and sex. I am going to write them an e-mail for sure, to tell them what I think they should do instead. Women should react more to such “campaigns” that distort a woman’s body image and mainly aim at gaining profit.
    Fortunately I was also busy planning some variation in my sex life and also bought your book Pleasure (Zevk). I have just finished it. It has erased all my doubts and uncertainties I feel at times. I found it very well written and sincere and I am even planning to suggest to my gynecologist (Onur Karabacak) to leave it around in his practice among his other reading material on fertility, family planning and hormones stuff in his waiting room for women to take a look at some time and feel more confident as a woman. I am sure many Turkish women could and already do benefit a lot from these books. I am glad I have them and that me and my husband can feel good about ourselves and our sexual relationship while also showing me new doors (I asked him not to read chapters 9 and 10 though, not to lose the surprise element).
    I wish everybody a wonderful and fulfilling (family)(sex) life.

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