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The next time your man cheats, you can blame it on his genes. It’s not really his fault, but that of his parents. Confused? Well, new research shows that cheating may be an inherited trait. According to the Swedish study, the gene is found in 2 out of every 5 men. Men who carry one or two copies of the gene—let’s call it the “cheating gene”—were twice as likely to cheat, have marital problems, or remain single.  And if he had 2 copies of the gene, he had twice the risk of marital problems. Women married to men with the gene were more likely to be unhappy with the relationship. Men without the gene were more likely to be faithful and affectionate.


Now imagine this: Your man is snoring and enjoying post-ejaculatory bliss, mouth open and saliva drooling on your silk pillow. You quickly and deftly swab the inside of his cheek, careful not to elicit the gag reflex. You quickly package the collected cells and send them to your local lab for testing. You pray he doesn’t have the dreaded “cheating” gene because you have decided that he is the one (or close enough.) But, as these things go, you get a call from the lab and he has 2 copies of the gene. What do you do now? Do you marry or cut your losses before you dump $10,000 on a wedding? Or do you think to yourself that you are so amazing that he will never consider leaving you despite his genetics? Will you ever be able to trust him, or will you spend one hour a night checking his blackberry, pants pockets, credit card bills and wallet for signs of an affair?

Perhaps it is best not to know and save yourself the anxiety. After all, relationships must be built on trust. But then again, maybe you should check up on his dad’s relationship history………

5 Responses to “Newsflash!”

  1. hazelnutmegan Says:

    I really worry about a society that tracks every action back to genetics. I think we need to get away from blaming our actions on something that is “built-in”, because despite any genetic proclivity to something, that DOES NOT mean that our actions have to follow suit.

    Everyone has their own challenges in life and we may find that every impulse we have might be traced back to something that lies within our genetic code, but does that mean that our actions have to follow suit? NO!
    Does that mean that we should still be fully responsible for our actions? YES!

    No matter what genetic study comes out… a guy who cheats is committing an action that destroys the love and trust of his family, and he should be held accountable for it.

  2. Theresa Young Says:

    Dr. Hilda,

    Do you still see patient for GYN visit, if so what isurance do you take. Thank Youn

  3. female libido supplement Says:

    that was interesting… I never heard of that one before, I thought cheating was the way of fulfilling a mans sexual desire by looking for another girls, because he’s not satisfied with his woman… but now that this one came up.. I wonder how can it affect future relationship if it spreads entirely around the globe.

  4. sam Says:


  5. Lady Di Says:

    Hi Dr. Hilda,
    Interesting…my hubby of 19 years has no history of cheating, but flirting is another matter (especially via the Internet). We’ve had the discussion about his activities many times, but he keeps returning to it in some form or another. Each time, he de-escalates the contact, but it’s still a cause for concern for me. My parents had a long and mostly happy marriage until my Dad passed away. My mom never indulged in another relationship even after he was gone. Cheating is not in my relationship “genes” so to speak. My hubby’s parents were married, but not really happy. Most of his siblings have gotten divorced at least once, and divorce is all over the rest of his family tree (including grandparents). We talked about it and he thinks this is partly the reason he feels an sense of uncertainty about OUR relationship lasting - he has no really good role models in that area in his family.

    I say we CHOOSE what will happen - genes can contribute, but they are not a certainty. Just found your blog - will be at your appearance at Yale University next week - looking forward to meeting you!

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