W hen I went to the store to purchase your book "Pleasure" I thought it was all about us women getting pleasure so I also tried to locate a book on how I can pleasure my man. However, I could not find anything and now I know why.

Your book "Pleasure" was all I needed. It's not just about us as women, but as I started to read, I noticed that at the very beginning of your book you give all the women's body parts as well as the man's. As I kept reading, I saw that it's not just about us women, but its more about giving pleasure to your man, and as as you pleasure your man, you will receive pleasure.

Women need to know that your book has helped me with the following:

1. Helped me to understand my own body by exploring how to pleasure myself so that I can share that with my mate and thus it makes it so enjoyable.

2. I never knew all the female parts as well as the male parts, partially because I never took the time to learn, but in just a chapter, you explained it all and therefore I'm able to see why some areas, or all areas, carry their special way in giving us pleasure.

3. Your advice on 15 to 20 different ways to give your man a hand (hand job), awesome! I've shared this with my mate and he's just in awe as I am. I've completed your book and now he's going to read it as well.

4. The advice on 15-20 different ways to give your man a blow job was just awesome! Well, of course there is the proper name for it fellito..... . I can't wait for my man to pick out his special ones, as well as the ones he's never experienced so we can try them all!

5. You pictures on different sex positions, and under each describing why these positions feel so good to us as they all touch different parts of our body and makes them all a unique way to have pleasure. My mate was just in awe of these pictures as well. Not that we did not know these different positions, but to know why we always felt good and/or better in some postions, because you described the different areas in which these positions all give pleasure. What vaginal wall they touch and therefore why that wall gives you pleasure, Awesome!

6. From the advice about toys, to the advice about dates, all awesome. My favorite was: The next time you & your mate go to a social event, before you leave (women) strap on a remote control vibrator. And as you get to the door of the event, smile and hand your man the remote control. You stated that he would not take his eyes off you all night. Wow.....I told my mate and we can't wait to try this.

Women must get this book. I've shared it with several women and they are going to purchase it as well. I'm going to purchase more and hand out for Christmas and/or birthdays. This is a must have book it we as female are going to grow, and excuse me for saying, but if we as black female are going to grow. Not just grow for ourselves but for our man and for our relationships.

Thank you Dr. Hutcherson.....this has been a total blessing!

I love your books, I just ordered Pleasures. I already have the other book. As a black latina I received a mixed messages growing up about sexuality. Your first book cleared up a lot for me. Your words have been very informing and I recommend it often. At one point the thrill was gone and I've been with my man for going on six years now. Your book as helped me throughout these six years. Gracias.
-- Xiomara Vazquez

Thank you for this site. I actually am a huge advocate of yours. I swear by everything you say and own both of the books you have written. Thank you for giving women so much information, insight and suggestions in regards to our sexual health and pleasure. All the best to you. Many blessings shall you receive! You're FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Kendra, Hammond, Indiana

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